Posted by: mommytoo | October 5, 2008

that’s life!

this was such a sunday.  this morning we went to an infant massage workshop at the maternal wellness center down the street from us.  nate wasn’t in the mood to be massaged, for the most part, but he does usually like to be touched so i think we’ll use a lot of what we learned.  he hadn’t had his morning nap, so when we got home all three of us got back into bed.  when we woke up, d told me she had made plans for my sister to come visit this weekend!  which is exciting.

then we had to do errands.  i don’t think i’ve mentioned here that everything in our house seems to be falling apart.  in august, our washing machine broke.  turns out it was 20 years old or something (came with the house, obviously) so we got a new one, along with a new dryer.  which was actually sort of complicated, because the delivery people couldn’t install it, we had to get a handyman to come and change the outlet or something (more money), then have $ear$ come back and haul the old dryer away. 

meanwhile, a few weeks ago i was closing the front door and i put my elbow through one of the glass panes.  the door is made of maybe 15 panes all together and twice before, our dog has put her paw through it, in an attempt to kill the mail carrier once and for all.  so we’re always discussing getting a new door.  but this time it was me, which is embarrassing.  and cost $160 to repair, because a new door is even more expensive and time consuming.

last week it sounded like there was something in the garbage disposal, so i dug around and pulled out a little piece of metal which seemed to be part of the packaging from bread or something.  when i turned it back on, it hummed, then didn’t work at all.  got some advice from the same handyman, who told me to try flipping the circuit and then re-setting it — it’s back to humming, but not working.  so today we went and got a new one, which cost close to $200.  now we have to pay to have handyman come install it.

then the other night, the breast pump broke.  we got it from a friend that had two of them, so at least this was the first time we bought one.  but those are well over $100 too!

lastly, a few nights ago i was doing laundry in our fancy new washing machine, and we heard this scary, violent banging.  i went down to the laundry room and the hose that drains from the machine was out of the utility sink, draining all over the floor.  much stranger, the washer was travelling with each bang, practically in the middle of the room.  i turned it off and fled.  a couple of days later i finally went to deal with it, thinking it was just because the hose had come loose or something.  but when i turn it on, it makes the craziest noise!  so frustrating.  obviously they’ll fix it for free, but in the mean time we are running out of clean clothes, waiting for the appointment tuesday!  good thing nate has what may literally be an endless supply of clothes.

so we went to h*me dep*t today, and wh*le f**ds, and stopped for sushi on the way home.  it was really nice just to spend the day together, no work, no nothing.  and now it’s 11:37pm, i’m tired but trying to stay up a little later than usual, so that i can sleep a bunch tomorrow, i’m working overnight tomorrow night.  it’s been months since i worked an overnight, and i’m dreading it!  i wouldn’t mind that much if i were single — it can be kind of fun, and the money is good, and i’m kind of a night person anyway.  but even before nate was born, it was hard not seeing d for a few days (because she was working days).  now i hate it even more!



  1. Girl, when it rains, it pours. Last winter, we went through a similar situation and it was simply draining. Not to mention, we didn’t have heat for some time. I like the fact that you “fled” the possessed washing machine, though. I think that’s an entirely appropriate response to that situation (LOL)!

  2. Interesting Read! Very detailed blog,thanks for sharing

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