Posted by: mommytoo | October 7, 2008

better and better

can someone tell me if it is always this exhausting and overwhelming to be parents/homeowners?

i worked last night, after taking a 3 hour nap during the day.  i stayed awake okay at work, but didn’t really get any solid sleep when i got home.  not because of nate, who was out with d, but because i was waiting for the washer repairman.  who scolded me for overloading the machine (it’s one of those huge king size deluxe washers).  fine, maybe it was really full.  i took everything out, and he proceeded to look at my smugly while the machine whirred happily.  i opened the lid and noted that it wasn’t actually spinning, just making a fake spinning noise.  and not a minute later, it started doing the crazy banging again.  so there, mr. smug repairman!  i have overloaded enough washers in my time to know when it’s not that.  he agreed that it wasn’t that, but implied that it might still be my fault.  and informed me that my best bet would be to call the store i got it from and get them to deliver a new one.  that phone call took forever because everyone kept trying to transfer me!  but hopefully it will work out in the next few days (unfortunately, we’re already out of clean underwear).

all this was on no sleep, while d was at a group she’s a part of, it’s for therapist moms, to work through the feelings that go along with being both a shrink and a new mom.  or something like that.  nate wasn’t having any of it, apparently — she could barely sit there for 20 minutes, he came a little undone.  i think he gets really overstimulated sometimes, lots of new people and things make him sort of wacky.

i took a little nap with nate when they got home, but my period is making me crampy and cranky and miserable, and my feet have been cold since i got home, and i’m working again tonight, and all i want is to finish my tea and cuddle my baby and stay home.  d is seeing clients all afternoon and evening, nate is screeching in delight at something but i’m not sure what, and i am going to work on not feeling sorry for myself.

so in closing, my question is: does it get any easier???



  1. Ummm…yes and no. I think mostly you just get used to it…That may not be what you want to hear…

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