Posted by: mommytoo | October 25, 2008

a whole weekend together!

this morning we went to check out a synagogue that we’ve been thinking about for a long time.  d has wonderful memories of her childhood temple and hebrew school, it is where a large part of her identity was formed.  the one we’re thinking about is reconstructionist, and extremely feminist, progessive and diverse.  lots of same-sex parents, single parent families, kids of different races.  part of their mission includes social justice and peace, and they actually do a lot to that end (not just talk).  we have been hearing great things about it for years, but now that we have nate, we decided to move forward a bit.  first we brought nate to “tot shabbat,” where we sang songs and listened to a story about shabbat, and he ate a little percussion instrument (or at least tried to).  then we went to adult services for all of 10 minutes or so, until he started joining in the rabbi’s talk.  they were having a little service for the bigger kids also, so we went there.  more more music and stories and talking.  he was so fascinated by the music especially!  the teacher is one of those people who is kind of irritating to grown-ups, the way she talks.  but kids love her, including nate.  he stared and stared.  he fell asleep nursing at the end, but then afterwards all these people came over and admired him, introduced themselves, brought us the challah they were all eating.  we sat and talked for an hour or so while nate slept, the bigger kids were in hebrew school.

d said she kept getting nervous every time g.o.d was mentioned, because i’m not so comfortable with that stuff.  but the best part of the kids’ service was after a story about the world being created in 7 days, a little girl raised her hand and said “wanna know where we really came from?  MONKEYS.  what i want to know is, how come some monkeys became people, and some stayed monkeys?”  which started a whole conversation about the t*rah and how it inspires your imagination, but then there’s science.  it was a really nice experience, and the grown-ups were really friendly and interesting, it was a great community feeling.

we have a whole three days together with neither of us working, and we’re so excited.


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