Posted by: mommytoo | October 27, 2008

special treat

it turns out my life is not nearly as difficult or exhausting as i thought last week — i was just working too much.  i’ve been working a lot of weekend days, and sometimes our schedule means i have to work 3 shifts in a row, including a weekend, which is kind of depressing.  because d is home, and sometimes doing fun stuff with friends, and i’m up to my elbows in bodily fluids for the duration of the daylight hours.

i had off thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, today, and tomorrow until 7pm.  that’s almost 6 whole days!  they haven’t been exciting, but they’ve been wonderful.  we visited our probably new synagogue; we went on a date and nate only cried for a little while with his aunties; we took some family naps; we did tons of grocery shopping; today we picked out a new front door at h*me dep*t. 

today i spent some time with nate and his babysitter, we didn’t need her but she was taking care of the other little boy and we thought it would be helpful for nate to be with her and the other kid, and have me there.  i think i’ve mentioned that he doesn’t always do so great with babysitters, especially when there are other kids around.  so it was me, a (the babysitter), nate, and the 11 month old at the coffee shop.  we traded babies and he played with her and watched me play with the other kid, and hopefully it is a step in the right direction.  it definitely didn’t hurt, he was in a great mood and even interacted with the other baby a little.  i’m a little lost about what to do if he continues to have extended meltdowns when he’s at her house.  one step at a time, though.

all in all, i feel incredibly well rested, possibly even ready for a week of working nights!


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