Posted by: mommytoo | November 3, 2008

baby’s first cold

well, it finally happened.  nate’s sick!  he slept badly saturday night, all three of us tossing and turning.  in the middle of the night, his cry sounded different and weird.  he felt kind of warm, too.  i held him very tight to my chest and he fell back asleep for a while, but in the morning he had a runny nose and kind of post nasal drip kind of cough.  bad again last night, worse today, now we’re home from a weekend trip and he’s really feeling awful.  his temp is 101.5, he can’t breathe through his cute little nose, and he’s trying not to be cranky, but it isn’t easy when he feels like this.  we gave him a lukewarm bath and he even drank a little water, we’re suctioning out the snot.  he’s being very good natured, which is very different from what i’m usually like when i’m sick!  the cutest thing is that while he’s sleeping in d’s arms right now, he’s snoring like a drunken sailor.

we had a great weekend.  halloween was fun – pics to be posted soon – and on saturday morning we drove up to northampton, mass for a birthday party.  it was for our friends’ little girl’s first birthday, and it was so fun.  there was even a little band — the nields played a whole bunch of kids music.  all the kids loved it, i was so moved watching nate watch them play.  he stared open-mouthed at the guitarist, and afterwards i took him over to strum the strings.  i helped a few times while i stared, and then he let out the hugest SQUEAL.  it was so cute!  he shows his curiosity and even his excitement in his own ways — he gets quiet, stares, it takes a while for him to smile and get hyped up.

we sat on the floor together listening to and watching the music, him between my outstretched legs.  i sang along into his ear when i knew the words, helped him clap to the beat.  mostly i watched his face.  big brown eyes huge and unblinking, mouth slightly open with a little drool almost coming out.  occasional hint of a smile, occasional wiggle of joy.  but mostly just the staring at the guitarist, no matter what funny things the singer did, no matter how many people laughed and clapped and talked.  i’ve never had that feeling before, the way i felt watching him.  he looked like his own person, showing his enjoyment in his own way.  i felt so proud and happy.  and then there was this feeling i’ve never really felt before, i think it’s new to motherhood.  so happy just to see him so happy.

sunday we headed out, and stayed in nyc with d’s parents.  we had dinner with a friend we hadn’t seen in forever, and her partner.  it was so fun to get together and talk, and to introduce our boy.  nate is getting tougher and tougher at mealtimes!  we’re now officially those people who make a huuuuuge mess in restaurants and have to whisk the baby away so as not to disturb anyone. 

anyway.  another bad night’s sleep last night, and today we hung out for a bit before coming home.  some keith 0lbermann and rachel madd0w, and tomorrow is d-day.  we’re both bundles of nerves, re-planning our day now that nate should probably stay home if he still feels terrible.

i remain stubbornly optimistic about tomorrow.  OPTIMISTIC, i tell you.  i know we can do it.



  1. There is a lot of electricity in the air this morning in pgh. I hope things are such in philly. I have a great feeling about Obama carrying our state. I can’t block the 2004 election out of my mind, though. So, I’m chewing a lot of gum as to avoid a clenched jaw…I don’t want to get lockjaw over the election, you know.

    We’ll be watching Maddow discuss the returns later this evening. I hope Nate has a wonderful time with you at your polling place. It’s going to be a historic night.

  2. Hi there
    I stumbled upon your blog while looking for an image of a 14 week fetus on google.
    I just wanna say your baby has gorgeous eyes and Oh the lashes are so cute.
    God bless your family and nice effort you’re doing here

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