Posted by: mommytoo | November 4, 2008

o baby!

nate got to go vote twice today.  and has something great to show for it: pennsylvania was called pretty early for our guy.  good thing he cast two votes!  he wore his obama onesie (slogan is the title) and got lots of attention.

so the cold seems to be letting up.  it was a terrible night, we were up in the middle of the night again but it did seem like his fever had broken.  we haven’t taken his temp tonight, but he’s acting more himself and doesn’t feel so hot any more.

in 2000 i felt, of course, like the election had been stolen.  in 2004 i was furious, feeling like if people wanted to make such stupid decisions, they deserved what they got and i was done with the whole thing.  this time, i’ve been looking around with the feeling that people might be seeing what i’m seeing.  i’m so relieved and so proud!



  1. Let’s fight back on Proposition 8. Let’s boycott California wines, produce and travel. Let’s publicize it. Let’s embarrass them. It worked a few years ago in Colorado. What do say?

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