Posted by: mommytoo | November 13, 2008

moving forward…

i’ve been feeling really sad and helpless – even during my pride and excitement – ever since the election.  prop 8 and the rest are offensive to a lot of people, and personally painful for many as well.  not living in a state that had one of these votes, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do.  here’s a start: there is a national protest this saturday, november 15.  we’ll be at city hall in philadelphia, giving voice to our beliefs in what seems like the only way we can right now.


i’ve been sent keith 0lbermann’s special comment on gay marriage a few times, and it really is all that.  if you haven’t watched it, please do!  he totally “gets it,” at least in my opinion.  it’s sort of heart-breaking to watch, but so worth it.  if i had the email addresses of people who believed in prop 8 etc, i would send it to them.  but i am one of those dreaded people who isn’t really friends with people who have different political beliefs.  partly because i don’t really want to be around people whose values restrict my rights.  but i digress.


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