Posted by: mommytoo | November 16, 2008

baby’s first protest

we’re having a really nice weekend.  yesterday d had class in the morning, so i brought nate to tot shabbat all by myself!  i was kind of nervous, but nate loves it so much, i really wanted him to get to go.

yarmulke by you.

how funny is this pic?  you can imagine how long the yarmulke stayed on before it fell into his lap and he started eating it.  but it was cute while it lasted.  as usual, he stared open-mouthed at the woman who leads the group, especially while she sang.  the little kid songs are easy – not much hebrew – so that was good for me.  he’s always impressed when i sing along to songs he loves.

after a quick nap, we went to pick up mommy at school, had lunch and met auntie em for the local rally against prop 8.  it wasn’t huge, but it was great to be in that environment.  i grew up going to rallies and protets and marches on washington, and there’s a certain feeling in the air that is immediately familiar.  nate was on my back, which makes as much of a statement as the cleverest sign in the world.  i am a rally sign junkie — i point them out all the time, i love them, i wish i’d thought of them.  there were some good ones yesterday… i particularly liked “when do i get to vote on YOUR marriage?”, “who would je$us hate?”, “let me marry my girl!”, and “our queer family rocks”. then there’s the one by fa!rey, who did the sort of pop-art looking obama sign.  it’s beautiful.

i didn’t have my camera, but here are a few shots i found online.

P1000451.JPG by octoalex.

P1000447.JPG by octoalex.

P1000450.JPG by octoalex.

as usual, i really loved the cars driving by and honking and waving.  and more than anything, the sense of comraderie, even though sometimes i wanted to cry because all we could talk about was why these people around us (ourselves included of course) can’t get married, can’t get equal rights, are hated by so many.  it’s just so unbelievable sometimes.  nate fell fast asleep with his head hanging backwards.  more cute.

back at home after nate’s afternoon nap, we had dinner with aunties j and e, then went to +arge+ because i’ve noticed that nate is outgrowing some of his toys.  he’s got really cute stuff for infants, but now he needs stuff that he can really do something with and manipulate.  the days of staring at colorful creatures are gone.  we got him a bunch of things, including some squishy blocks that he’s been playing with for the last half hour in his crib!  he loves banging on things, so we got him some kind of thing to drum that has wheels, to help him as he works on his crawling.  plus some fun stuff from the dollar bins.

on the agenda for today — an event for d’s grad school that she’s put together, the big boy car seat has GOT to get installed, and more h*me dep*t… our door is extra big, we’re back to square one getting a new one!  and hopefully the gym.



  1. hey – i love it that you go to shabbat. how did you and danna pick your temple? i’d love to chat about it sometime. i need to get on the ball. i’d like to do a naming for edie… she is already a year old! and – awesome protest. as alex said tonight, any constitution isn’t made to limit peoples’ rights. talk soon! lots of love!

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