Posted by: mommytoo | November 20, 2008


i am looking out the window at the first flakes of the season. 

i worked last night and got home around 8 this morning.  then i went with d and nate for an informal job interview for d to teach a class next semester at a college nearby.  it was a drive, though, and i got verrrrry loopy on the way home.  i just got a two hour nap in, and am feeling better, if not quite best.  not working again until tuesday!  tomorrow we’re heading out of town for a visit to my family, which is in place of a thanksgiving visit, since i’ll be working next thursday.  so excited about the visit, so dreading the car rides, as nate will surely go through a dozen ups and downs.

this morning while we waited for d to have her meeting, nate set back several middle aged women’s biological clocks back a couple of decades.  one little squeak, and a woman came out of her office to see who was there.  then another woman heard us talking in high pitched baby voices, and they just kept flocking over.  a couple of men were charmed, too, but mostly it was the women.  every time he smiled his gummy smile, they melted into little puddles on the floor.  it’s a real experience seeing my own child have that effect on people, i’ve been cooing and grabbing at other people’s babies for so long.  for some reason, there seemed to be a lot of women with teenaged and grown sons in the office, and they were all bemoaning the fact that their boys don’t have that adoring look on their faces any more!  talking to other parents – who are often jealous of how tiny and sweet he is – really helps me focus on this very moment, it’s a constant reminder that there’s so much more ahead — in good ways and bad!

and now the little charmer is ready to “read” his book again.  he’s into pictures of babies, it’s really funny.


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