Posted by: mommytoo | November 26, 2008

turning the mood around…

i have been dreading this week for a while now.  i have known for a while that i would be working thanksgiving, which i’m not happy about.  i’m going to nyc tomorrow after work (i’ll probably get there 10 or 11pm) to meet d and spend the night with her and nate, then coming back to phila on friday, only to work saturday and sunday (they’re coming back saturday).  but i’m done with the first thing i was cranky about, which was working last night.

so – i am going NOT to feel sorry for myself for the next several days, and NOT to constantly count how many hours i am working, sleeping, driving, etc.  i’m going to try to focus on the fact that i really have a pretty sweet life.  and so i give thanks for…

– the job dragging me away from my family (and the time and a half holiday pay)
– the family i’m being dragged away from
– the people i’ll miss on thanksgiving, and who i know will miss me
– the little blue subaru i’ll be driving all around
– my good health as i take care of lots of people who aren’t so lucky
– my new kanye west ring tone
– whatever leftovers i get to have


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