Posted by: mommytoo | December 10, 2008

would it be disrespectful to call him suckabee? or just immature?

j*n stewart interviewed mike huck.a.bee, and said a lot of things we all want to say.  i think his show is probably preaching to the choir, but you know how you see people on tv say ludicrous things and you yell back?  or maybe squirm with fury, because it’s pointless to yell back?  this was much more satisfying, and stewart says it well.

meanwhile, today is day without a gay.  i feel okay not calling in gay — my reasons are homosexually correct.  last week i took a sick day to be with my boy, who has two moms.  check.  plus, the reason i’m working tonight is that i was originally scheduled to work friday and i need the day off for his adoption.  which will also be a pretty gay day.



  1. That interview was a classic. It just shows there’s no reasoning with bigotry. Jon Stewart is my hero.

    I didn’t know today was Day without a Gay. I worked from home because of a major snow/freezing rain storm that we had overnight. I don’t think that counts as calling in sick though. Anyway, I think the day will hardly be recognized up here. Too bad.

  2. I saw the Jon Stewart interview. He rocks. Really. I loved how he said it all so well.

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