Posted by: mommytoo | December 14, 2008

breaking news

nate’s hunger strike may be coming to an end.  for the last week or so, he pretty much only wants breast milk.  i believe the last time he really let us feed him was last sunday night at dinner, and that was mostly ice cream.  if we hand him pizza crust or even a piece of apple, he gnaws on it, but that doesn’t exactly fill him up.  which means he nurses almost all night and d doesn’t sleep.  he also coughs all night, making the nursing drag that much longer.

when we put a spoon to his mouth (or our hands with food), he makes the funniest face and shakes his head back and forth like we’re abusing him.  tonight i tried a few times and then just gave him his spoon to play with.  while he was playing with that (and maybe pretending to feed himself?) he let me feed him a whole bunch of potato leek soup i had made.  he acted like we’d been starving him.

the soup really was pretty delicious.


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