Posted by: mommytoo | December 14, 2008

december 7-13: the week that was

all i can say right now is phew.  the last few days have been kind of intense, with the good far outweighing the bad!  last weekend was really lovely and quiet and lazy.  i followed that up with a day shift, then two night shifts.  lately i’ve been working one night shift a week, which works better for the family and actually better for me, although it’s more back and forth.  i am one who is able to sleep during the day, so i can catch up when i get home in the morning, then sleep well that night and wake up relatively refreshed the next day.  people say it’s harder to go back and forth as you get older, but i’m well into my 30s now and i am relieved at how it’s been feeling the last couple of months.  d is happy because when you work nights and aren’t used to it, you’re gone at night and useless during the day.  so the burden is off her somewhat.

anyway, i had to do 2 nights in a row, and didn’t really sleep before the 2nd.  i was exhausted and punchy by the end of it!  didn’t really sleep that day either (thursday), and then my mom and sister came thursday night, for the big event which i’ll write about in a few.  thursday night i woke up in the middle of the night with the worst headache i’ve ever had.  i don’t get migraines and i don’t know if this was one, but it doesn’t really matter.  the pain was what i’d describe as 10/10 on the scale, and although this was dramatic for me (maybe for anyone with any medical knowledge), i was sure i had a brain tumor.  i took 1500mg of acetaminophen (also insane for anyone with a brain in her head), and that didn’t touch it.  then i took 4 naproxen, which isn’t unusual for me when i have my period, but was still extreme.  my pain went to maybe 8/10 but i was still crying from it.  d took good care of me, not that she could do much but she distracted me and eventually, after throwing up somewhere in there from how badly it hurt, i fell asleep for a couple of hours.  if it hadn’t been such a big day i probably would have let her take me to the e.r., which seems crazy now but i was really scared at the time.  pain can do that.

i woke up around 8am, still in pain but ready for our big adoption day!!!  the experience was really wonderful.  our lawyer is on paternity leave, but it’s a small firm and the one that filled in is great.  apparently she’s some kind of big shot in same sex parenting rights, and adoption in general, in pennsylvania.  anyway, the whole thing took 10 minutes.  d’s parents, my mother and sister, and four of nate’s biggest fans were there.  we all went into the courtroom and the process was really kind of touching.  instead of a judge it was a master who did the proceedings, she was very nice and gave nate a gift.  d and i had to raise our right hands (my sister pointed out that nate was waving his left hand around while we had our right hands up) and promise to tell the whole truth, etc.  i’ve never done that before, it was exciting.  we gave a little information, nothing major, and then i had to swear to love him, support him, etc.  this particular master always adds “and make sure he’s a good reader” which is not a problem for me!  the court took a picture of all of us with their camera and printed it out, and they also allow cameras inside if it’s for an adoption, so we got a few nice ones.  afterwards we all went out for brunch up the street, party of 10.5.  nate missed his morning nap but still managed to stay in a good mood until we got home.

i was on a bit of a high afterwards, it was so fun and special.  d’s father said he thinks nate really understood the “gravitas” of the situation, but i’m not sure about that.  he looked so handsome and he had a huge smile the entire time.

my mom and my sister stayed the weekend, they’re leaving in a few hours, and so we got a regular visit in, as well as the adoption stuff.  sleeping has been bizarre while they’ve been here… nate has another cold (unclear whether his last one ever really went away) and i was sick thursday night and just general musical rooms during the nights.  hopefully that will pass now that we’re back to normal.

nothing really feels different between me and nate, but something feels different in my heart, having equal rights and responsibilities, and having that public recognition.


  1. Congrats on the adoption and making it legal! I want to see some pictures.

  2. Congratulations, Kira!!

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