Posted by: mommytoo | December 16, 2008

rite of passage

well, the whole family is sick.  nate has his second cold, it never really seemed like he got rid of the first one.  the lingering cough has picked up again, especially at night in his sleep.  it breaks my heart every time.  d called the pediatrician yesterday just to be on the safe side, and the nurse said there’s a virus going around that lasts 10-21 days.  she said not to bring him in unless he has a high fever or green stuff coming from his nose (maybe i added that last part, she may have just said the fever).  apparently it’s not worth his being exposed to all the other kids in the waiting room.  i never thought about that.

i have allergies all the time, but last night it became clear that this is a cold.  i hope nate’s throat doesn’t feel like mine!  d and i don’t have the cough, but we’re going through tissues like water.

today i am so happy to have a wife.  i am always happy to have d, but i don’t think straight women and gay men know what they’re missing.  yesterday while i was at work d went grocery shopping and filled the house with good food.  she even thought to get me these little containers of peanut butter for me to bring with apples when i work nights, because she decided that protein is what i need to get through the night.  the house is full and the sheets on our bed are clean, and plus she made me this kick-ass baby.  this morning i woke up feeling horrible, and when she got up for work she brought me my laptop to play online, and a cup of tea with honey.  so i had some nice quiet time while nate kept sleeping.  seriously, wives are great.  i can only hope mine feels the same way!

i’m off to get said kick-ass baby dressed, and meet said wife for an appointment.


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