Posted by: mommytoo | December 21, 2008

hanukkah treat

my unit at work has been bizarrely quiet lately.  it’s an 8-bed medical icu, 4 nurses (always a 2-patient assignment).  today there were 7 patients when we got there, and i transferred one of mine around 2pm.  which was good, because she was brought in for a drug overdose, and tested positive for cocaine and pcp.  withdrawal was ugly and the patient was violent and hallucinating, and it was impossible to really care for her in any way.

but!  once i discharged that patient, they sent me home!  i have never seen that happen before.  i was the most senior person that wanted to leave, and it was perfect timing.  d was practically on her hands and knees last night begging me to call out, but they’re pretty strict about taking sick time, so there was no way i could.  not that i didn’t want to, because it was one of those days that it took all i had to go in.  when i left the house, everything was covered in ice — car and streets included.  the sun came out, and so it was a great day to leave early!  we did a little xmas/hanukkah shopping.  plus it’s the first night of hanukkah, we lit the menorah a little while ago and nate was pretty curious about it.

we are newly obsessed with videotaping nate.  most of our family and friends are not local, including our parents.  but here’s the best thing: d created a channel on youtube for him.  i can’t put videos on this blog, but anyone can see the magic of nate now.  i can’t say the movies are that exciting yet, but they’re really fun for us and for grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  he’s into everything now, but still not that mobile on his own — so mostly it’s squirming and squiggling.  in our arms, in a high chair, on the floor trying to get somewhere.  so funny.  last night we had an early dinner out with friends, and it’s hard to know in advance how that will go.  luckily a couple of people had pickles, and i swear once we gave him that, he was quiet for half an hour, working on it, happy as can be.

the holidays really crept on us this year.  i’m usually not a last minute shopper but shopping is harder than it used to be!  plus neither of us is ever really alone.  we’re basically either working or with nate.  we’re on a tighter budget than usual, and whenever we talk about what to get each other for hanukkah, we end up talking about how we feel now like we have everything we could possibly have.  that sounds so corny.



  1. Happy Hanukkah, you guys!

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