Posted by: mommytoo | December 23, 2008

happy merry

we are heading out of town today, not back until friday, at which point i will try to sneak in a nap before working overnight.  our travels this week: after d finishes work early this afternoon, we’re driving to her parents’ place in n.y.c., to celebrate some hanukkah with them.  wednesday we are having breakfast with friends in n.j., then driving to r.i. for a couple of days of celebrating with my family.  then back here on friday.

hanukkah with nate is fun.  he likes the menorah, he looks fascinating when we light the candles.  d has taught me the hanukkah prayer, which i say with her while watching her for cues.  it’s hard to recite something that doesn’t have meaning, since i don’t know any hebrew.  it’s like a game for me, to see if i can remember it, and plus it’s this sort of reminder that i can create any meaning i want out of my judaism/jewishness.  we aren’t doing gifts for nate really, he doesn’t know the difference and he has so much stuff.  he’ll have a christmas stocking at my mom’s, and we’ve gotten some fun toys for it.  we went shopping the other day with friends, and nate’s auntie j proceeded to fill her arms with toys and a great jacket for nate.  spoiled boy, i love it!  i love that we have family and friends to spoil him, so that we don’t have to and don’t have to feel bad when we say no.

yesterday i worked with a few people i hadn’t met before.  one is a new nurse that is in her 6 month orientation period, it was the first time i had an orientee, and had to teach.  which was scary and exciting for me.  anyway, between her and a few other people that i quickly got to know (you know how it’s like that when the work is intense), i got to say “my son” several times.  as in “yes that’s a scratch on my ear from my son” and “that picture on the bulletin board is my son.”  it was so fun.

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