Posted by: mommytoo | December 28, 2008

double the trouble, double the fun

we’ve been on the go for the holidays, and it’s not over yet.  but for the next few days, we’re staying put and happy about it!  we visited d’s parents and celebrated hanukkah, then my family and celebrated xmas (with a little hanukkah on top).  nate got lots of presents, and is actually enjoying them as well as all the wrapping paper and boxes.  i’m looking forward to when he really knows what’s going on for holidays and other special occasions, the good thing is that there is no meltdown associated with gifts etc.  he’s just his usual happy self.  as seen here:

first xmas eve 1 by you.

we didn’t get him lots of gifts, but of course there was no shortage.  i’m glad to have new stuff for him to play with, partly just because i get sick of the same ones!  especially the ones that make music.  those voices can really grate.

last night was our first real night back after being away, and we had a little hanukkah party with j and e.  i made mac and cheese and latkes, and d made a delicious, purposely not-quite-done cake.  huge mess in the kitchen, but worth it for all those yummy carbs.  we had brunch with friends this morning, followed by a cozy afternoon at home, and then went to our rabbi’s house to celebrate the last night of hanukkah.  we met some new people, it was really nice and nate was impressed with the sight of all the menorahs.

hanukkah at the rabbi's house by you.

it was right around the corner, a 3 minute walk in the unseasonably, disturbingly warm night.  i love our neighborhood.

so.  hanukkah, xmas, more hanukkah, next it’s new years.  on the 2nd we’re going to d’s family’s house in long island, where we’ll be hiding out for a few days.  it’s lovely there in the winter, quiet with lots of deer.  we haven’t done this time of year with nate, but usually it’s just lots of reading, tv, napping, walks with the dog, maybe some movies.  i’m guessing there will be more toys involved this year, but otherwise i’m hoping not much will change!



  1. That is one adorable picture of your little man.

    Happy holidays to you and D! I hope the new year brings you tremendous joy and peace!

  2. All those menorahs look pretty together! That’s a cute picture of Nate – oh, and I thought our kid had the longest eyelashes around. Guess not.

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