Posted by: mommytoo | December 30, 2008

a couple of things on my mind…

since this is a babymama blog, i thought i’d tell you all what i told d tonight.  i don’t think i’ve ever experienced anything as satisfying and feeding nate.  every bite he takes – on his own or from me – makes me feel so good.  when i plan his meals in advance (pureed fruits and veg), or when he eats from our plates (bits of cheese or pancake or whatever) or when i just hand him a piece of cucumber to gnaw on… whatever it is, i love seeing every little bite go down the hatch.  but there is nothing better than when he sees my hand coming with a bit of cheese or bread or whatever, and he is doing something else or looking elsewhere, and he absently opens his mouth to let me put in the bite.  it is so trusting, like a baby bird, and my heart squeezes.  i have literally never felt anything like it.

he does love the food.  here he is with a pizza crust in one hand, and a cherry tomato in the other.

pizza night by you.

he proceeded to manhandle the tomato, scraping all the good stuff out with his gums and leaving just the skin.

tonight it was a pretzel rod in one hand, a string bean in the other.

a winning combination by you.

he does serious damage with those gums.



  1. Savour it now… the eating drops off so much after they turn one. Our dog loves Teo now because he’s getting all the scraps that Teo won’t eat!

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