Posted by: mommytoo | January 14, 2009

a photographer i am not

i want to explain this picture that is in my flickr photostream!

108 by you.

we just thought it was really funny because we did not get a shot of annie running, we got several shots of her already gone.  it totally captures the frenzy with which she ran by — not even her tail is in the shot!  but i realized that without explanation, it would be sort of a stupid picture.

i worked last night, and am now drinking coffee while nate plays like a big boy.  i met our new babysitter today, d met her already and i trust her, but i didn’t like the idea of leaving nate with her until i’d at least laid eyes on her!  she’s a little hippie flaky, but there are worse things, for sure.  she seems to like playing and talking with him, and nate seems comfortable with her and she has great references, and her schedule is flexible. which works great, because we don’t even need her every week, and we would rather not pay for a babysitter when we don’t need one (although it would be good for nate to go more frequently, we just can’t afford that right now).

speaking of saving money… we have been diligently cooking at home, i’ve been bringing my lunch/dinner to work, and i’ve even made coffee at home a few times this week.  we did so much eating out and bringing in over the holidays, it was terrible for our bank accounts and our bellies.  i feel quite saintly at this point, but there is something about my coffee pot that just doesn’t make the coffee taste as good as other places, including people’s homes.

at any rate, d has been stocking the fridge and cupboards with good food from grocery stores, and even though we are both still messy and there is still tons of laundry to do, the house feels more under control.  and i feel more under control in general.  i gained so much weight at the end of d’s pregnancy and after nate was born, it’s so embarrassingly cliche and i didn’t give birth!  i am “outing” myself about this because there really isn’t anything to hide, and i like to write about what’s on my mind.  the whole point is to relate to people about my whole life, warts and all, so to speak.  right?  and i think lots of people have this issue, even the non gestational parents.  life changes so much.

speaking of which, the boy is politely asking to be retrieved from his exer-thingy.  the way he’s asking is, you guessed it, “heh heh heh HEH.”  sort of cutie grunting noises.



  1. We can totally relate to the eating out too much thing. We’re really making an effort to plan and prepare healthy meals at home both to save money and lose a little weight.

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