Posted by: mommytoo | January 16, 2009

i could be imagining it…

nate has been watching us very curiously lately when we talk.  we’re both – and this is being kind – talkers, and we both have a running commentary with him about lots of things, especially when we’re alone with him i think.  anyway, lately when we point at things and tell him what they are, he stares at our mouths and the gears seem to be turning.  a little while ago, he was playing on the floor and the dog was bothering him for a cheerio that was in his hand.  i shooed her away and said something about the dog.  he stared at me and i pet annie and said “dog” a few more times.  and then he said “daw.”  i repeated it and he said “dawwwww” several times.  i tried to call d to have her listen, but of course he got distracted by the phone.

he might just be experimenting with a new sound, he gets a favorite syllable every few days and repeats it over and over.  lately it’s been “dat!” which i interpret to mean “what’s that?” and tell him what everything is.  but i digress.

so, he may or may not just have said his first word.

i’m not sure this is as good a story as i thought when i started this post…



  1. I think he probably did. I remember when Teo was Nate’s age, he would say “Bay” and now I realize as his speech has evolved that he was saying our cat’s name “Blaze.”

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