Posted by: mommytoo | January 18, 2009

birthday fun

when i turned ten, i got the best gifts ever.  i think they’re the only presents i remember specifically from my childhood.  i got my ears pierced, and i got a 10-speed bike.  it was white with purple trim, people!

my gifts this year are giving 1986 some stiff competition, though.  i got an from d and our friends j and e, and d got my a new tattoo!  i will post pictures when i find the camera cord.  it’s my third, and just as simple as the others.  but the phone is so exciting, too.  i’m not normally into gadgets, that’s d’s territory.  i’m also not an apple person, i love my pc (although i have an i.pod).  but i love the, it’s just incredible technology.  i think i’ll never be bored again, as long as i have my phone!



  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to see your tattoo. What is it?

  2. Happy birthday! I’m getting an iPhone in April, can’t wait! Kevin tells me it’s the greatest thing ever.

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