Posted by: mommytoo | February 1, 2009

nate’s post

many of you have probably seen that thing on where you write 25 random things about yourself.  i figure nate’s more interesting, so here’s his list:

1. i have one short mom, one tall mom.

2. i love to eat, and so far i’m a vegetarian.  no food allergies yet, but there are still a few more things to try…

3.  at every visit to the doctor, i have measured in the 50th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference.

4. my moms had my name planned before i was born, and then after i was born they almost changed it, mostly based on my jet black hair.  i looked like a rocker.

5. i have this little purple vein that shows through my very fair skin, right on the bridge of my nose, it always looks like i have a bruise.

6. i’ve started pointing at things, always with my thumb up, like a cheesy guy making a gun move.

7. since i was maybe a month old, the song “moonshadow” by cat.stevens calms me down like nothing else can.  the cd works wonders in the car, but it has the same effect when someone sings it to me.

8. i make goofy faces when i’m falling asleep.  or so i hear.

9. i’ve got zero teeth, but have been working on them for a while now.  people have been telling me i’m teething since i was three months old.  what can i say, i’m a drooler.  personally, i feel like i’m doing fine without them.  i can eat an entire pickle already!

10. i’m a pick-up artist.  no man, woman or child can resist my charms, once i put my mind to it.  i’ve mastered the coy smile, the eye contact –> look away –> eye contact again move, the tiny wave.  i can make anyone feel like s/he’s the only one in the room for me.  i can try to teach you, but some things can’t be taught.

11. i have never slept an entire night by myself.  i’ve got a mom on either side, a doggie at my feet, and usually a cat in there too!

12. my feet look like fred flintst*ne’s.

13. i take an iron supplement every day mixed in yogurt, and it tastes delicious.

14. i sweat a lot.

15. when i wake up, my hair looks like a mad professor.

16. i have a great sense of rhythm, i can bang anything along with the music.  especially a rubber spatula, which is one of my favorite toys.

17. the one thing that will calm me down no matter what – no matter what – is my mommy’s black.berry.  i furrow my brow and stare at the screen while typing furiously.

18. i’ve got an incredible belly laugh.  it is the sound of pure joy.

19. i have a great shoe collection that includes c*nverse, new.balance, and n!kes, plus a pair of (soft) penny loafers.  the new.balance taste the best.

20. i am only stubborn when it comes to going to sleep.  if you think i’m tired just because i’m cranky and rubbing my eyes and yawning, trust me — i’m not.

21. i sneeze a lot.

22. my eyelashes are so long, they curl up and touch my eyebrows.

23. i think pictures of babies are really, really funny.

24. i love to sit with a book and open it and close it, over and over (and over and over).

25. i have a mural on the wall of my bedroom (check out the header!).



  1. I love this list. It’s way more interesting than mine would be, which is why I refuse to do one.

    Love #5 – Jack has the exact same thing!

  2. Beautiful!

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