Posted by: mommytoo | February 2, 2009

blogging along.

for some reason i’ve got nothing to say lately around these parts.  i’m not sure why, but it’s partly because i feel i’m supposed to say insightful things about being part of a two-mom family.  and sometimes it isn’t that different from every other family!  maybe that’s partly the point of all this.

i think february is the worst month.  it’s just the worst!  today is only the 2nd, but i’m soothed by the fact that we’re going on vacation on the 21st.  we’re going to st thomas!  i’m nervous about traveling with nate, it seems rather complicated.  we’ve decided to rent a car while we’re there, even though they drive on the wrong side of the street, because we want to be able to get wherever we want with a carseat.  d found a great deal on cra!gsl!st, someone selling their time share week, and they’ve been really helpful setting us up and giving us advice on how to manage things.  we’re staying in a little suite with a kitchen, which is great because eating every meal out – particularly with nate – would be a lot of work.

so that will get me through february.  all month i will be singing “and february was so long that it lasted into march…” which is one of dar williams’ best songs.

did i mention we saw her in concert a couple of weeks ago?  the concert was just so-so, mostly because the audience was practically comatose.  people were barely even bopping their little white suburban heads!  but we had tons of fun with nate, who was mesmerized.  at least for a while.  then i took him to the back, which is the lobby but sort of open to the theater, so that he could crawl around and i could still listen to the music.  he talked pretty loudly between songs and at one point dar said “who is the young person in the audience?” d held him up, and the whole audience looked, and i was a little embarrassed.  but also proud that our little guy was holding up so well at 10pm!  he charmed the women in front of us, so that they didn’t mind when he kept tugging on their jackets.  he and i waited in the foyer afterwards while d pulled the car around, and people kept saying “oh, that must be the 10 month old…” and he just smiled and waved as his public.


  1. I love Dar Williams and that song “February” is a good one. I liked the story about Nate at the concert.

    I think it’s a great idea to go on a vacation with Nate right now because in a few months he will be walking, and your lives will change dramatically with a toddler (at least that’s what happened with us). St. Thomas sounds divine. Way to go on getting the timeshare.

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