Posted by: mommytoo | February 7, 2009

prep work

i have some questions for anyone who may have answers.

we’re going away for a whole week to st thomas, and i’m getting nervous about travelling with the boy.

  • i’m not a nervous fly-er (flier?), but we’re going to be holding him in our laps.  what if it hurts his little ears?  is there any way to prevent that?  i’ve heard nursing during take-off and landing.  true?  i’m not as concerned about him annoying the other passengers, he’s pretty easy to entertain, especially if we have cheerios.
  • what papers do we need to bring?  it’s u.s. territory so it’s not like he needs a passport.  but i think we should bring a copy of the document that gives us both the right to make medical decisions, for him and for each other (since we’re not legally married).
  • we’re going to check the carseat with our luggage, and strap it into the rental car.  is there any other safety stuff we should bring?  i don’t even know what that might be.  i think i might sound nutty.
  • i guess we should pack all the diapers we need for the week, i have no idea what they’ll have there.  same brands?  crappy brands that get leaky and cause rash?  i’ve been thinking the same thing about beach toys.  i think he’ll love trying to dig in the sand and stuff, which he couldn’t do last summer, but do we really want to pack shovels and buckets and stuff?  jeez.  maybe we’ll just bring a few bath toys.

how about some advice about the above… and anything else re: plane travel with 11 month old?


  1. First, I’m so freaking jealous I can’t tell you!
    I’m not gonna lie, that was a hard age for plane travel with our little guy. He just wanted to move around and be mobile so it was hard to keep him still and happy. I always nursed him at take off and landing, but the process never seemed to bother Jack’s ears the way I feared. (You can also try a pacifier or snacks.) So, yea, bring plenty of snacks, quiet toys, books to entertain on the plane.
    Defnitely bring copies of all the legal paperwork, just to be on the safe side.
    I can’t think of any other “safety” specific stuff you’ll need and you don’t sound nutty.
    I’ve never been to St. Thomas or the like but there might be crazy beach shops where you can get cheap beach toys so you don’t have to bring them with you.
    I always overpack for the little ones. I’d rather have it and not use it than be stuck without something we needed.
    Have fun!!

  2. We were prepared for Lily to be a NIGHTMARE when we did transatlantic flights with her at both nine months and sixteen months, but she was actually really good. For the former, I nursed on takeoff and landing, but the pressure didn’t seem to actually bother her. By the latter flights, she was weaned so we had snacks all set to give her, which we didn’t use because she was sleeping. Honestly, she slept a lot on the flights, but I suppose the time at which you’ll be traveling will make a big difference in that respect. When she was awake, she liked for us to walk up and down the aisles on the plane with her, to sit on the floor in front of us and play with her toys and to watch some of the in-flight cartoons. My BEST recommendation is to request the bulk-head seats!!! People with small children are given priority seating in the bulk-heads and that way you can sit Nate on the floor by your feet to play.

    I’ve never been to St. Thomas, but I’m sure you can buy beach toys when you get there. You’ll have SO MUCH baby stuff in just clothes, diapers and the toys and snacks you’re bringing for the flight, that I’d strongly suggest not bringing stuff like that which you’re likely to find there. You’ll remember that my mom was the international recruiter while at MHC and Smith and she swears that as long as you land with your underwear (OK, diapers, in this case) your toiletries and a credit card, you’re good to go! And my mom is seriously hyper-organized! Have fun!!!

  3. Yeah, nursing (if he still is, or bottle if he isn’t) works well on take-off and landing. We found that Teo was really, really curious about what was going on around him when we flew when he was 12 months. We scheduled it during his nap-time, but he was so curious that he didn’t sleep at all! It was better on the way back when we asked if there was a row with a seat not being used and we brought the carseat on the plane with us. He slept the whole way back. Much better. He wasn’t used to sleeping in our laps, so that was hard for him (besides the curiousity).

    We always brought our own diapers (but we used Seventh Generation which aren’t so easy to find), but I bet that St. Thomas probably has lots of buckets and shovels to buy in souvenir/tourist shops.

  4. You’ll have SO MUCH FUN!!! I’m totally jealous!!! Edie is a great traveler. She’s done some long flights (to Ecuador), medium and short ones. Nursing especially on take off and landing, though Edie didn’t always nurse then and didn’t have ear problemsd, snacks (lots of options!), and books (again, lots of options!) and nice people around us were our friends. Depending on the time of the flight, Edie slept for much of them, thankfully. When she was more mobile, she loved walking up and down the aisle just to move around. I brought diapers to the Bahamas and Ecuador, but likely you’ll find something similar there. Just bring them – you’ll feel better. And, hope for an empty seat next to you. That makes things A LOT easier because Nate can have his own space. Like Elissa said, the bulkhead can work too. As far as beach toys don’t even sweat bringing anything. Nate will find sticks or pieces of corals on the beach to play with. Bring a plastic cup that you buy down there as a shovel/bucket. I wouldn’t worry about dragging those things. Edie loved chasing any dogs she saw on the beach and just exploring on her own. We brought some beach toys but she wasn’t interested in staying still and playing with them. She is, after all, a girl on the move! If you have any other questions, give me a ring. You all will do great! Nate will really have a blast.

  5. Keep some OTC antibiotic powders/lotions handy!


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