Posted by: mommytoo | February 9, 2009

all i ever wanted

i’ve gotten really irritated with the way news channels report on the economy, and give advice on how to save money.  unplug your phone chargers when you aren’t using them to save electricity… take anything extra out of the back of the car to save gas… not that they don’t work and not that i don’t take some of the advice, but sometimes it’s downright insulting, especially knowing what kind of money some of them are making.  a couple of weeks ago i heard o.prah talking about what a good idea it was to unplug everything when not used – lamps, tv, toaster, whatever – because it continues to use a tiny bit of electricity.  pretty condescending to hear her ooh-ing over $12 saved.

where was i?  yes.  so last week we realized we had NO plans for the weekend, and briefly considered renting a cabin in lancaster county.  we made the responsible financial decision not to do that, though, and instead decided on a “staycation.”  which is one of those weird annoying catch phrases, people on the today show or whatever tell you to stay home and do fun things.  but we did, and it was heaven!  we went out for the best brunch on saturday, and decided it would be our new regular weekend brunch spot.  the weather was warm, so we strolled around town and at night went out for dinner, too.  on sunday we had brunch with friends, then went for a walk with their dog, who is trying to get used to nate.  another warm day.  lovely.  today it was back at work, an overwhelming day.  but i love when a weekend really does rejuvenate me.

so i’ve had the go-gos vacation song stuck in my head!  “staycation all i ever wanted…”


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