Posted by: mommytoo | February 11, 2009

i knew i forgot some/thing…

i really wanted to participate in freedom to marry week this year!  over at the other mother, robin has a little activity i think is cool:

Something logo 209 the other mother

starting tuesday (yesterday!), bloggers like me (not straight) – and our allies, i believe – are invited to take part in posting about something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  last year i was too shy and new at this, but this year i am so bold that i am posting the tuesday theme on wednesday.

something old… well, my grandmother was born in 1912, which would have made her 93 when d and i got married, if she’d lived till then.  her sister, who died maybe a year and a half ago, was the only of her siblings (there were 4 all together) who was there, but two of her sisters-in-law were there.  grandma died in december of 2003.  when she was maybe 20, she took the train from brooklyn to greenwich village frequently.  one night she was at a party or maybe a restaurant, with lots of bohemian types i imagine.  she went into the ladies’ room and was in front of the mirror, probably brushing or fixing her hair.  it was down to her waist, thick and red.  a woman came up to her and started stroking her hair, telling her how pretty it was.  grandma, never having been hit on by a woman before, panicked and ran out, and when she got home she told her mother, my grandma liza, what had happened.  grandma liza had little sympathy.  “so?” she asked.  “what do you care?” my grandmother agreed, once she got over the surprise and probably a little fear.  the woman wasn’t hurting her, and indeed wasn’t hurting anyone by being who she was.


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