Posted by: mommytoo | February 17, 2009

celebrating a few days late!

it is 3 days after valentines day.  in my defense, i just came off a 3-day stretch of work, which leaves me exhausted and a little loopy, especially these 3 days.  emotionally, physically, and mentally intense, with too much thinking, lifting, figuring, squatting, eye-rolling, writing, hurrying.

the blog hosting my favorite freedom to marry week festival activity instructed us all to post on saturday!  and i missed it, by – as i mentioned – three days.

Something badge ftm 2009

i did manage to bring a little valentines day to our house, even though i was at work.  flowers, chocolate, and i helped nate pick out a shirt to wear.

valentines boy by you.

can you see that he wishes us all a happy valentines day?  d loves sn**py.

i chose 3 pictures to share today, to celebrate love, which is the theme of the last day.  i noticed that they are all in our family bed.  nate loves to climb all over us and we love wrestling with him, tickling, reading to him, singing (i sing all kinds of things, d mostly makes up her own songs, delighting both me and nate with her lyrics).  it’s probably our most treasured time, and feels like all we have to do is enjoy each other.  i should mention that although we are the three people in the bed, there are also always animals, at least two of them.  it seems like they are coming to really love nate, and he definitely loves them — he even waves at them!  we’re trying to explain that they aren’t going to wave back.  here is annie.

resting by you.

you can’t tell, but she is resting on nate’s tummy while he nurses (that had to stay out of the pic, this is a family website).  last is the image that came to my mind when i asked myself how to explain love in our family.

love by you.

for those that don’t know d, i should tell you that she is generally a pretty serious, thoughtful person.  over the last several years, she has shown to me that she can be as funny, silly, and dopey as me — but in the last 10 months, i think the rest of the world has seen the fun-loving part of her.  we both enjoy life more than we ever have before, and we can’t hold it in!  i love this picture, it shows nate in all his smiley-ness, and d in all her adoration.  and you can see the resemblance, which i always love to notice.

anyway, even though it’s 3 days late: celebrate love!



  1. Beautiful tribute and photos to your adorable family.

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