Posted by: mommytoo | March 5, 2009

mission: impossible

it seems like there are just not enough hours in the day to blog.  at least not enough days without a baby crawling on me, needing me, etc.  and blogging from work… not professional.

we had a fantastic vacation.  nate did well on the plane, we had an empty seat next to us on the way there (i think someone left when she saw a baby was coming!), and he had a grand old time playing.

078 by you.

we did hold him most of the time — not to worry!

d and i are both beach people, and were both dying for blue blue ocean.  st. thomas did not disappoint, the weather was perfect, the water was warm and turquoise, the beaches were clean.  nate seemed to like the water too, once he got used to it.

044 by you.

and also seemed to grow up a lot during the week!  he seems more independent, more observant, more like a toddler (although not toddling).  he’s been ignoring toys lately in favor of non-toys, including electric cords, paper, phones, dust… really anything.  but now that he’s mastered some of the more complicated toys, i think he likes them better.  we laid a mat on the beach outside our door in the evening, and he loved it.

026 by you.

we got slammed with real life as soon as we got back — i had two stressful days at work, and d and i haven’t seen each other.  barely contained chaos is how i describe our life.  we keep reminding ourselves that this is what it means to have success in all the ways we want it — busy jobs, lots of animals, baby boy, a house, social obligations.  we would never give up any of that, and having it means a lot of life!

it was interesting traveling as a 2-mom family.  nate still nurses, but not as much during the day.  so people really can’t tell that d is the bio mom, and they are often curious.  there were other gay people and gay families, but in a place like the caribbean, you see a cross-section of america i think.  it seems like it just doesn’t occur to some people that we are his moms — even gay people.  we were sitting by the pool one day, and as usual, nate became friends with the woman next to us.  she talked to us for a while and then asked who his mom was.  we told her that we both are, and she literally didn’t know what we meant.  i mean she really didn’t know!  finally d said “we’re a couple, and this is our son.”  the woman thought that was “sweet,” and went on to tell us that she has gay friends.  or maybe acquaintances.

speaking of nate by the pool…

083 by you.

i am getting used to navigating the ins and outs of 2-mom parenting, and (even more difficult) the ins and outs of the social interations.  nate did really well on the trip with just a couple of meltdowns, but he was really clingy, especially at night.  when he gets really clingy, he usually clings to d.  it’s still hard for me and i feel hurt, but he is so rapidly changing that i can understand now how many phases he will have in his lifetime.

i’m cutting this short — much more to say, but i have much to do, all with a baby glued to my hip!



  1. I’m glad you had a good time and that the plane rides were uneventful. I hate that when people really have no idea what you’re talking about when you’re explaining your family to them. Awkward! I like the photo of him by the pool. He looks very content. :)

  2. I’m so jealous of your vacay! It looks like a great time and I’m glad Nate did well on the plane for you.

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