Posted by: mommytoo | March 9, 2009

stair master

nate’s favorite thing to do these days is basically just to roam around the house.  it does make it easier to get things done.  i can make dinner while he pulls pots and pans out of the cupboard, check email while he checks out whatever’s under the couch, and make phone calls while he does laps up and down the hall. 

we have a mirror on the floor so that he can check out his favorite little boy, and that never fails to entertain any of us.  tonight, though, i glanced over and he was climbing the stairs!  i had been showing him how recently, but as usual, he is more interested when i am not.  let me tell you, i was shocked at the speed with which he moved!  i moved quickly myself, just to give him a little back-up.  we have some stuff on the stairs that’s waiting to go up, and he grabbed one item on each step to take it with him.  it was too cute.

my mom was here this past weekend for a visit — one more person to oooh and ahhh at nate’s every move, which he enjoys!  yesterday we went to a wonderful museum that i’ve been fantasizing about going to with my baby, since before d got pregnant.  it was really interesting to watch nate explore — he seemed a little overwhelmed by all the noise and kids and stuff, and got very quiet (compared to his usual nonstop commentary).  there are areas for little ones under age 3, which helped.

quick plug for this book, which has been getting some great press from the liberal media (including maddow and stewart).  it’s written by the brother of a friend of ours, and is worth a look.


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