Posted by: mommytoo | March 10, 2009

“itty” bitty milestone

nate has been interested in words for the last couple of months, and watches us really intently at times when we tell him what things are.  we talk to him almost non-stop (we’re both talkers anyway, and it’s great to have a captive audience as you narrate your trip to the grocery store, coffee shop, etc).  he narrates his own experiences as well, though not with words we understand.  a while ago, i decided that he had copied me when i said “dog.”  now, he’s on to the other animals.  and this time, d can confirm!  it started on vacation, there were a lot of stray cats around the beach.  when we saw them we would tell him they were “kitties,” and he replied (in a whisper) “it” or “tee.”  now he’s putting it together — we have 3 cats, and when he sees one, he says “itty.”  it’s the cutest!


  1. Yay Nate! What a big boy.

  2. That’s so adorable. I love seeing kids interact with their pets. I cannot recall if I commented on your vacation pics, but Nate is such a little sun bunny. How cute is he, really???

    Oh, you asked me about the volunteer agency I mentioned on my blog – it’s CA%SA.

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