Posted by: mommytoo | March 20, 2009

one year later

i have so much i want to say about my last post, and about some responses i got, via email and comments.

 but right now we are almost as busy as we were a year ago this time!  nate’s birthday is next week, and we are having a party tomorrow.  nothing huge, just friends, but it seems like we’re taking this opportunity to do things around the house that we’ve wanted to do for months (okay, years).  neither of us is particularly neat or organized by nature, but we love our little house, and want to show it off at its best.  even more, we want to show off nate.  who now has two words: itty/kitty/tee, and deh, which means dog.  every time he sees the dog, he says “DEH.”  he’s still into waving, although he generally does it a little late (as in, after the person is gone).

d went into labor a year ago tomorrow, and so at this time in 2008, we though we were right on track.  she had one more week of work, planning two weeks off before having the baby (because of course everyone said he would come late!).  i had had the satisfaction of spending the weekend before doing prep stuff with friends, and the house was starting to feel like a baby was actually coming.  it was a lovely time.

not as lovely as this.  it turns out that we were both completely ready (furniture set up or not), and totally unprepared.  nothing could have prepared us for this kind of joy, fear, heart-stretching, laughter, tears.

i’m just on a break from cleaning, organizing, baby-proofing.  we still have a few more things to buy, much laundry, then folding of laundry, moving things to the basement to make more room, clearing space for guests, putting food out, baking cakes, vacuuming, and just general cleaning.  we think nate seems a little excited, like he knows something fun is going on.


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