Posted by: mommytoo | March 24, 2009


happy birthday to my boy!

yes, nate turns one today.  i can hardly believe it — what a wonderful year.  he’s such a sweet, loving, generous, open person.  i love to watch his curiosity, his determination and the joy he takes in life.  i always knew i’d love being a mother, but it’s been really fun to get to know my own son, and to learn his personality as it develops.

and happy almost birthday to my wife!  tomorrow is her big day.

we had a party on saturday for nate, and it was quite a day.  he fell off the bed (during the party!) and got a big, purple goose egg right away.  we called the doctor, who said to keep an eye on him and if he vomited, go to the emergency room — otherwise, he should be okay.  he woke up from his nap (still during the party!) with a fever of 104, which we figured was unrelated but called the doctor again anyway.  she said it was just a bad day, and she was right, although the party was fun.  we had a bunch of people come with their kids, and i liked having so many children here.

yesterday nate still had a fever, and when d called the doctor again, they said give it another day, there is something viral going around with high temps.  she ended up bringing him in today, and of course his temp was almost normal by that time, but we felt better anyway.  the poor guy has had two really rough nights, and so has d — she’s been on baby duty because i’ve been working.

now i have a bit more birthday prep before bedtime…



  1. Happy, happy birthday to Nate!!

  2. And D!!

  3. Lots of birthday wishes to both!!

  4. happy birthday!!

  5. Happy birthday to your baby boy! I hope he’s feeling better.

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