Posted by: mommytoo | April 11, 2009

saturday night alive

here’s a pic of nate and d, off to the car after dinner in our neighborhood.

022 by you.

i didn’t get a good one of him from the front, but imagine the biggest grin you’ve ever seen, with two teeny teeth poking up.  he’s always had a great laugh, and it’s getting easier to make him laugh, as he develops his sense of humor.

d and i are BOTH not working today.  it’s been two weeks since that happened, and we celebrated by doing almost nothing.  brunch with friends, family nap, and an unsuccessful trip to t.j.m.a.x.x.  i shouldn’t say unsuccessful, nate picked out a toy.  i showed him a box with three little cars, and he proceeded to hold it tight to him for the rest of the walk around the store, saying “vvvmmmm.”  i didn’t even realize he would recognize they were cars, but i should have known… he loves cars.  he must get it from his mommy, d knows every car on the road and apparently has always been into them.  here’s how nate examines cars:

013 by you.

love the look of concentration.

so we’re having a weekend of just enjoying each other!


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