Posted by: mommytoo | April 20, 2009

special treat

we had the greatest weather this past weekend.  sunny, warm, breezy, temp in the 70s.  d had class on saturday morning, and we were planning on going to the zoo for a special gay family event.  BUT then we learned that there was an extra HOUR of traffic, and nixed our plans, in favor of a walk around the neighborhood.  i should write about our neighborhood at some point, it’s a really special place.  we went for dinner at a nearby mexican place, and were complimented on nate’s restaurant behavior.  we love to eat out, so he’s been in restaurants more than most one-year-olds, i bet.  right now he cannot get enough of straws.  he puts them in cups (we have to make sure to have empty ones around so that he doesn’t scream for our full ones) and sometimes even puts the straw in his mouth, but hasn’t figured out sucking anything through the straw.

nate also seems to be getting a little frustrated with communication.  he knows how to point to get what he wants, but doesn’t have words to tell us.  so we spend quite a bit of time saying “do you want the cup?  no?  the book?  no?  how about the phone?… ohhhh, you wanted the spoon!”  you know that terrible ehhhhh that babies make when they want something and can’t tell you?  there’s a lot of that around our house these days.  plus he has two more teeth up top!

his teeth may be contributing to his feeling a little under the weather.  i think it’s a combination of a(nother) cold and the teething, but he’s drooly and snotty and clingy.  it started yesterday, and unfortunately that’s the day we had planned for my oldest friend to come by on her way through town, with her husband and her pregnant belly.  i’ve known j since we were three, and it’s totally surreal to see her all full of baby.  we went out for lunch and nate proved that when he’s sick, he’s not so great with restaurants.  i guess we got a little cocky!

here’s nate so under the weather that when i put on a utube video, he doesn’t even grab my computer and go crazy.  instead just quietly watching.  a possible first!

002 by you.

today i was supposed to work, but i got cancelled!  it’s a rare occasion and i could have said no, but instead i said yes, and slept in.  it’s rainy and chilly, what we call a stolen day.  nate is watching ses.ame.street, which usually lasts about 10-15 minutes — then he has to play.  i think we’ve reached that point!


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