Posted by: mommytoo | May 1, 2009


it’s been a nate-filled week for me, now that i’m working part time.  i have one more week until i start classes, and this feels like a real vacation, even though i’m still working 24 hours a week.  i don’t even really mind going in!  although my last three shifts have been pretty intense.

i swear nate is funnier every day.  he’s really into the phone, and anything that resembles one (like a tv remote), he puts up to his ear and makes noises as if he’s talking.  “uhhh?  mmmmm?  ooooh?”  last night i was giving him a bath and talking to him and for some reason i said “hello?” and he put the bath toy up to his ear.  he also tries to give the phone to the dog and cats to talk, he puts it up to their ears and seems sort of miffed that they don’t play along the way we do.

he’s also getting really into almost-walking.  he used to think that walking while we held his hands was just the funnest game ever, but not a mode of transportation (let me down, mama, i need to get somewhere, there’s no time for playing).  now he’s starting to demand it, when we go to put him down on all fours he stiffens his legs so that we stand him up.  and he’s helping with the balance, rather than just leaning backwards.  the whole process is incredible.

we are struggling with a major issue: nate’s hair.  he was born with a ton of almost black hair, he looked like a rocker.

tongue by you.

he lost some of his hair, but always had a lot — and gradually, it lightened up.

first hanukkah last night by you.

when we went on vacation to st thomas, it was humid, and his hair got curly.  it never really straightened out again — he’s got beautiful, light brown curls.

focus by you.

but sometimes, it’s just too wild; he looks like albert einstein.

046 by you.

we started talking weeks ago about the fact that he really should get a haircut, but i have come to the decision that it is actually time, and i want to get it over with, this weekend.  d is not there.  it’s actually better in the warmer weather, because it’s curlier.  but i’m afraid we’re embarrassing him!  it just seems so sad that he can never have a first haircut again.


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