Posted by: mommytoo | May 3, 2009

homefront update

last night nate was asleep by 8pm, and woke up at 7:30 this morning.  how very… normal!  sleep schedule is by far our downfall.  he is not a great sleeper, and we are not great sleep-putters.  i know, i know.  the chicken or the egg?  the boy is a night owl, and hates to go to sleep, but it could be overcome if we made changes.  part of the issue is that on workdays, i don’t get home till at least 8pm.  it gets us into a dangerous cycle, because i’m selfish and want to have dinner all together, and do bath time, play time, etc.

anyway, last night d got a chance to do some major work on a paper she’s presenting at a conference next month, and i got a chance to help her and to watch some boring tv.  boring in a good way.  this morning nate is in his usual happy mood, and d is back to work on her paper, and we are supposed to go to out.fest this afternoon, but it’s raining.  so we’ll see.  regardless, a lazy weekend is a good weekend.

i wrote a few weeks ago about how i needed to do more with my time that is good for me, and take advantage of whatever time i have.  the plan has not come to complete fruition, but i’ve tried.  yesterday i made it to the gym, and it felt really good.  i might even make it back today, if d has her work under control.  i did get to spend some good time with my dad was here.

my dad is in the, he’s in the middle of a 27 month stint in botswana.  yesterday he went back, after his only visit home.  he flew here directly from africa, spent about 3 days with us, and then went to r.i., where he’s lived for the last 40 years or so, and i lived for 18.  we had a lovely, if quick, visit.  don’t ask why, but i didn’t take any pictures.  i think that would have meant admitting that it’s such a major trip, and really letting in the fact that he won’t be around again for more than a year.  one of the highlights for me was having dinner with my dad’s brother, who lives nearby, and two of his sons.  i don’t see them as often as i could, but we had a really nice dinner on their back porch, took a walk, and caught up.  my cousins are really interesting and cool people, and i don’t know them well enough. 

my dad brought nate the most incredible gift, it’s a hand-carved ark with all the little animals and people (two of each).

ark by you.

you also get to see a couple of my favorite things in our house — that table, from a yard sale on long island, and the cabinet behind, from an antique store on south street here in philly.  oh yes, and that cookbook.



  1. When I saw this picture I almost squealed out loud. No, not because of the ark (although it is very cute). But because of the cookbook. We have it and absolutely love it. I recommend it to everyone I know. I love everything about it, from the conversion chart at the beginning to the info about different cuts of meat and types of veggies & fruit. The recipes are simple to follow, my son is even starting to use it to learn how to make basic things like eggs. We love it, can you tell?

  2. I had that cabinet growing up. A Hoosier Pie cabinet. That’s what we called it. Though I don’t know that I spelled it correctly. What a flood of memories that photo brings back.

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