Posted by: mommytoo | May 5, 2009

rain, rain, and more rain

i’m not sure how many gray days we’ve had.  i vaguely remember 95-degree heat, not too long ago, along with bright sunshine and unbearable humidity.  i’m not saying i prefer that, but it’s hard taking a one-year-old out in the rain.  sweater, raincoat, get my raincoat on, gotta wear real shoes (no flip-flops for either of us), wrangle him in.  where’s the crazy clear plastic cover for the stroller?  should i carry an umbrella?  a purse?  diaper bag?  if we can even make it to the coffee shop, i have to uncover him when we get inside, get my coffee, cover him back up, and then the umbrella has to get stashed if i’m carrying a cup of coffee.  the easiest way to get us both out of the house is the coffee shop and local bookstore.  it’s easy, fun, and has two of my favorite places as destinations.

but today, it was off to the art museum.  there’s an exhibit there i’ve been wanting to see, and i’m pretty sure it was really good.  after his morning nap, we got there, fortunately it wasn’t raining at the time, just gray and chilly.  dragged the stroller up the stairs, too lazy to go around to the more accessible entrance.  we get to the front of the line, and the lady tells me i can’t take a stroller into the exhibit.  this is a problem, because nate is getting so heavy!  and it doesn’t seem appropriate to let him crawl around the museum.  they do lend out baby bj0rns, i haven’t used one in months, though.  i put our jackets and stroller and diaper bag in the coat check (first hiding some snacks in my purse), and wrangle myself into the bj0rn, then him.  he is getting so tall, and i am not, i swear his feet were almost down to my knees.  it did make the exhibit easier, though, because i didn’t have to keep bending over to entertain him, and there was less “excuse me… ah, excuse me, coming through…”  they had an audio component, which was perfect, because it’s a little walkman-type thing and nate loved it.  i didn’t even bother trying to listen, even though that stuff is usually interesting.  it was more important to keep him entertained!

which is not to say it kept him quiet.  about halfway through the exhibit he opened up, commenting on all the paintings.  most people seemed to think it was cute, lots of smiles and comments.  a couple of people rolled their eyes, but i didn’t really care, it’s not a library.  you look at the art with your eyes, not with your ears!  i think the exhibit was great.  i went through pretty quickly, of course, but i have to say that nate is pretty great about doing grown-up things.  we had the same favorite paintings, i think — the more color, the brighter the colors, the better.  he picked out something at the gift shop, which i don’t think is meant for kids.

cinco de rattle by you. it rattles, by the way.


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