Posted by: mommytoo | May 14, 2009

my new age of politics

did you guys know that there is a fanastic website devoted to michelle obama’s fashion and style?  i am becoming a bigger fan of hers every day.  i don’t know what’s going on, but i can’t get enough of her.  ever since my friend e told me about this website, i check it pretty much every day.  it’s a really fun and superficial way to learn about what she does.  her husband’s activities are pretty well documented!  but she does some really interesting things.  the vegetable garden has been talked about a lot, but then there was also the poetry jam, which – to me – speaks volumes about the POTUS’s and FLOTUS’s age and culture.  love it.  and she seems to visit schools a lot, once to read one of my favorite books ever.

while i’m promoting palatable roads to follow current events, i’ll also expose my inner poli-geekness and mention the white house blog and the white house flickr page.  so fun.

it is so weird to be excited about the president and his family.  my first presidential election was the 2nd clinton one, and i was lucky enough to get to cast my vote for a winner that first time.  then in 2000, of course, i got to experience  something totally new and exciting: a president elected 5 to 4 by the supreme court.  even when clinton was president, and even though i was young and more excitable at the time, i didn’t care about or notice the culture of the white house.  i think it’s the enormously marked difference between w. and o., the link to (and faces from) the past, vs this totally different kind of president.

this whole experience is very strange for me – approving of the president – because most of my political life has been about dissent.  it’s in my family of origin, and my family of choice.  i accept that i will likely never see an american president who is nearly as politically progessive as i am, but it’s still exciting to me to hear “president obama” on the radio.  it’s such a different experience, to disagree with things he does or decisions he makes, but still be able to sleep at night, with him as president.  so different from the previous eight years!



  1. Yeah, well said.

    Did you hear that Michelle Obama was on the Maxim hot 100 list? That’s a bit nuts.

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