Posted by: mommytoo | May 19, 2009

what we’re up to

i started classes last week.  so far they’re just online, but it feels really great for me to be back in school.  there are people who like school and people who don’t — i’m one of the former.  it feels so different now, though, because the rest of my life is so full and busy.  i have gotten used to a “normal” life, including work, baby, family, house.  it will be an interesting challenge, putting it all together.

nate is doing just fine.  he’s still wild about ice cream…

ice cream party by you. 

d picked him up a little beach chair, which is just in our dining room so far, but he’s really into it.

beach party by you.

and my favorite new activity with him is dance party.  i put on music and dance like crazy, and he rocks back and forth and laughs at me.  or i pick him up and we dance together:

dance party by you.


  1. I am like you, I love being in school. I finished my Master’s one year ago and am already ready to go back and take more classes. Good luck on your degree program.

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