Posted by: mommytoo | May 25, 2009

home just got homier

we spent the weekend reuniting with some special people in my life, but also on the road.  we went to massachusetts for my ten year – ten year! – college reunion, which was kind of a whirlwind.  women’s colleges are notorious for their corny traditions, but i happen to love them, white dresses and all (actually, i wore pants).  i got to meet some of my friends’ kids whom i’d never met, and although it wasn’t enough time, something in me felt… quenched, or something. 

on sunday we drove a couple of hours to my annual family reunion.  nate tolerated the drive there, with a stop to visit an old friend of d’s.  he seemed to have a great time at the party, eating goldfish crackers and playing with toy trains.  after a few hours he got cranky, so we got back on the road, to nyc.  nate slept for a while, but then woke up and we weren’t really close to the city.  he screeeeeeamed and cried, we played musical chairs so that i could be in back with him, then d could be in back while i drove, then we pulled over so he could nurse… nothing worked, he was just so mad.  i have never heard him so angry!  he’s generally so accommodating, but it’s been too many days in different places.

this morning we had brunch with a friend of d’s, then came home.  one of the great things about coming home is that we have a brand new playroom!  we got the basement re-done, and are so pleased with the results.  i will not be posting “before” pictures, and wouldn’t even if we had them!  suffice it to say, it was the worst disaster area you can imagine, made worse than you can imagine by the fact that we have three cats and four litter boxes.  that hasn’t changed, but we relocated the boxes and threw a lot of stuff out, and hid some stuff away.  here is a glimpse of the results:

annie making herself at home by you.

as you can see, we haven’t exactly arranged stuff.  we are hoping to get a new tv at some point, and put the old one on that little table.  there is a cable hook-up down there, or we may just set up a dvd player, for when the boy gets into watching movies.  there’s annie, relaxing on the extra carpeting the guys left.  and how cute is that little rocking chair?  a friend gave it to us, his kids are too big for it now.  behind that door is a teeny tiny bathroom which doesn’t get used, but tomorrow they’re putting down new floor in there, and i think any plumber can reconnect the sink.

basement re-do by you.

d got that little fridge at a yard sale, along with a leg0 table and some other stuff.  most impressive was a carseat that usually costs a couple of hundred dollars, for $15!  perfect, because we’ve been making it work with a seat only in her car, and it’s not going that well.  so now mine will have one, too.  the walls are white, although the shadow makes it look a little blue there.  the lights are still ugly fluorescent, but we replaced the bulbs, so at least we can see now.

nate likes the new playroom! by you.

just a happy shot of our happy boy, in his new room.  it feels like we got an addition on our house, he actually has room to play!  and we have room to live, because his toys are out of the living room, dining room, etc.

tomorrow is a big day, look for a major court decision in california — supposedly 10am!



  1. That looks like a really great playroom! I share your frustration and heartbreak about them upholding Prop 8. It just sucks. Someday…

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