Posted by: mommytoo | May 31, 2009

baby sleeping, mamas vegging

it isn’t that i don’t have lots to say on my blog, it’s just that there’s so much to do!  our new playroom is really coming together, but that is no small feat.  yesterday i got two great toys at a yard sale, one is a baby-sized truck he can sit inside, and the other is a baby-sized… motorcycle, maybe?  he can straddle it and waddle along.  i will post pictures, he looks so cute and thrilled.

having gotten a good amount of studying done yesterday – and worked out today – i feel okay about sitting here doing pretty much nothing.  the weather has been beautiful, tonight we took a walk after dinner and it was the perfect almost-summer evening.  it’s been a great weekend to enjoy our neighborhood.  pretty much every day that i’m home, nate and i go for at least a short walk around here, him in the backpack.  we usually see at least one person we know, and i often end up talking to strangers – i definitely take after my mother and grandmother – and i love that we are not unusual, being a two-mom family.  today i took him to the playground down the block, it’s in the recess yard of an elementary school.  we were the only ones there, but nate was a little timid at first.  he wouldn’t climb through the big tube until he watched me do it, and even then, there was some trepidation.

little explorer

as i get to know nate more and more, and as his little self develops, i am more and more fascinated by who he is becoming.  especially when he is different from me and d… it’s so interesting to watch him.  he’s very different from me socially — so far, he seems somewhat shy, especially with other kids.  he opens up pretty quickly with adults, but when there are lots of children around, he hangs back a bit.  once he joins in the activity (lately he enjoys games of “tag”), he becomes much more outgoing, giggling, grabbing toys, sharing toys.  i like watching him leave the group sometimes and play by himself, there’s something really confident about the way he comes and goes.  i am not shy at all with new people, and it surprises me sometimes when he is, especially because he is so talkative and active at home. 

i have learned to follow d’s lead: she always says to him “take your time, nate, take your time.”  i cannot think of anything i take my time at!  my brain is constantly on to the next thing.  i’m okay with that — i’m not a laid back person, but i work with it.  i do want nate to have the option to take his time at everything, and not be toooo influenced by the fact that d and i are both pretty high strung.  he could end up being a good influence on us!

as i write this, i’m remembering the weekend that we were waiting for nate to be born.  d’s water broke on friday night, and by sunday night, she wasn’t in real labor yet.  i spoke to a friend of my family who is a midwife, and she said that this was my first lesson in parenting: giving up control, giving up the fantasy of control.  as i get better at this parenting thing, i grow more comfortable with that.  not just the lack of control, but the lack of predictability.  he will continue to surprise us!

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