Posted by: mommytoo | June 24, 2009

midterms with a one-year-old

i am slinking back into my own blog, pretending i haven’t been m.i.a. for i don’t know how long!

this week and next week are midterms.  two weeks because for one class i have the week to work on the exam, and for the other, i have to go to campus monday morning for a good old-fashioned multiple choice.  both are seeming pretty overwhelming at this point!

tomorrow morning we are going to chicago, d is presenting at a conference there over the weekend.  i am really looking forward to it — i like the city very much, and we have a dear friend there, whose one year old son we haven’t gotten to meet yet.  e is for sure a kindred spirit, especially for d, and her son looks delicious.  my goal is to finish the open-book, week-long exam before we leave.  it basically entails short and long answer questions about what meds different patients should be on.  i’ve gotten so used to questions that have one, correct answer — i feel like given the chance, i could write a full page on each of these questions!  luckily, i just don’t have the time to do that.

this morning was nate’s first swim class.  actually it is “aqua explorers,” one of us gets into the pool with him and we sing songs, practice paddling, kicking, laying backwards, blowing bubbles (he’s not quite up for that one yet).  it took him a few minutes, but he adjusted to the water and warmed up, both temperature-wise and fear-wise.  he ended up doing great, and i can’t wait for next week.  afterwards we grabbed breakfast, now he’s napping and d is working and i am studying blogging.

the days are flying by, which means the weeks fly by, as well!  i can’t believe it is almost the end of june, and nate is 15 months old today.  he seems both really big and really small.  i feel used to being a mama, and yet sometimes i am still surprised when i say something about my son!  similar to how i go live my daily life and it feels natural, normal — and then i tell someone that i’m 33, and i can’t get over that number, it sounds so… adult!

it feels like we have a hundred balls in the air, but maybe we’re getting used to it.  i’m starting to think d and i both like being really busy and slightly overwhelmed, because we certainly seem to tend toward it.  one of the things i like about being with nate more is that even though there are a lot of things on my plate, so to speak, when i’m with nate, i can’t do anything else.  it isn’t stressful to be with him, even though it can be stressful to have to be with him when i have so many other things i need to do.  it slows down my brain, and i wonder if that is one of the reasons i have always been drawn to having kids.  maybe i knew, somehow, that it would be good for my psyche!


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