Posted by: mommytoo | June 29, 2009

chi town

we just got back from chicago last night, we had a great time in the great weather.  philly was rainy for two straight weeks, like much of the east coast.  but the windy city had lots of sun.  our hotel was a block from millennium park, and nate and i did some good sight seeing while d was at her conference.  took a bunch of long walks, so much that nate actually understands now that he has to wear his hat in the sun, but can take it off in the shade/inside.

on the bridge by you.

water fountains by you.

he looks like a little man tourist!

a tired one at that:

sleepy tourist by you.

we did get to visit with our friend and her one year old son, who is beautiful and charming.  when we got to their house in wrigleyville on thursday afternoon, they came to the door and apparently rocco took an immediate liking to nate.  he screeched in delight, kicked his feet, wiggled all around.  once upstairs, he and nate proceeded to poke each other in the eyes, pull each other’s hair, and the like.  it was really fun to watch.

we’ve gotten a little better at travelling with a baby.  it was our second trip by plane, so we had a better idea of what we’d need, how longs things would take, etc.  but the more active he is, the harder it is to fly!  he is still a “lap baby” by airline standards, which means he’s free.  but definitely antsy.  he became friends with a lot of people on the flight, although i think he made flight attendants nervous, wanting to stand on us instead of sitting.

being “out” while travelling is an interesting experience.  in a way, there isn’t time to think about it — you’re too busy asking each other where the boarding passes are, do you have a couple of dollars to tip the driver of the airport shuttle, did you pack the sunscreen, can you take a turn carrying the heavy bag… once you’re really parenting, there isn’t much time to think about our care whether people notice you’re both the parents.  and when we’re in a city (any city really), i don’t tend to think anyone is too shocked to see two moms together.  but airports are such a cross-section of the country (in some cases, the world), i do notice people registering confusion, when we have obvious co-parenting conversations, or both act like his mothers, or they comment on him and we both answer “thank you!”

15 month visit at the pediatrician today.  went great, two shots, he was a champ.


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