Posted by: mommytoo | June 30, 2009


for anyone out there who doesn’t know me and d personally, i’ll start this post by telling you honestly that we love to swear.  like sailors, like truckers, like women who love words and have great vocabularies and still believe nothing says f*ck like f*ck.  i would venture to say that d swears more than me, but she’s also less filtered about what she says than i am, in general.  regardless, we use more curse words than the average person, even in philly, which is saying something.

nate is learning more words by the day, and in the last few days we’ve noticed he’s saying words we haven’t taught him, per se.  the doctor asked us yesterday if he has any words and we said a few, and started recounting them: dog, shoe, kitty, down, book… as if on cue, he pointed and said “door.”  when i laid him down for his nap today he looked at the bottle i was holding and said “milk.”  which brings me back around to my first paragraph: he’s imitating words we didn’t know he was listening to.  that is bad news for parents who talk about anything and everything, without paying attention to whether he’s paying attention.  we’ve gotten so used to a boy who talks nonstop in his own language, but isn’t that interested in ours — and now we have to learn to censor ourselves!  this is not going to be easy…



  1. Tom and I now catch ourselves saying to other ADULTS, “Oh my goodness gracious!” or “Oh shucks!” or “Jeepers creepers!” I cringe at what we must sound like…

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