Posted by: mommytoo | July 2, 2009

and they said it wouldn’t hurt

well, we did it.  we finally got nate’s hair cut.  we’ve been talking about it for months — we were actually on the verge of doing it a while ago, but as it’s gotten more humid, his hair has curled up more and looked better.  in the last week or two, we’ve noticed it’s getting truly nutso.  when we look at pictures, we’re especially shocked.  thus, i give you, the before picture:

hair before by you.

right?  that’s funny stuff, and in the bath, it got in his eyes and looked like a mullet in the back.  we went to a place nearby and he sat in a little car.  as soon as the hairdresser put the cape on him, he flipped out.  she was quick and since it’s a kids’ place, she was used to the tears.  the results:

hair after by you.

it’s so cute, but i can’t believe how OLD he looks.  we got him in the car afterwards and i looked at him and cried.  he doesn’t look like a baby any more — he looks like such a big boy!  the haircut is great, especially considering the circumstances under which she did it.  she kept the curls, which we asked for.  but no more einstein head.  plus, look — it holds up in the bath!

bath hair by you.


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