Posted by: mommytoo | July 6, 2009

morning mommy time

this morning we have a babysitter for no “good” reason.  i am off today and d is working this afternoon, but this morning we just have lots to get done.  so while nate plays with his nanny and a new friend, we are at a coffee shop, hard at work.  my hard work is actually done, i listened to a lecture for one of my classes, and now i can spend the rest of the day NOT feeling guilty.  productive and enjoyable.  dropping nate off was easier than usual — the other kid is a 3 year old boy, endlessly fascinating for a 1 year old boy.  as i walked out the door, nate was pushing the little car that the other boy was riding in.  he barely noticed that i left!  perfect.

yesterday was a great family day.  we napped together, and went for a nice walk with nate and the dog to a nearby playground, where no one else was playing.  so annie could run around off her leash, and nate could practice walking.  in the last couple of days it seems like he actually wants to walk, which is kind of new.  the way he balances his weight while we hold his hands is actually similar to real walking (less tummy sticking out, feet in awkward positions), and he even does it holding one hand instead of both.  and seems so proud!  standing is going pretty well too, although he likes the plopping onto his tush almost as much as the standing.  last night we had dinner with friends, the weather was great and so we strolled down the street for ice cream after dinner.  one of the friends is pregnant, and it’s so fun to talk about baby stuff.  the more people i know who can’t get enough baby talk, the better!


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