Posted by: mommytoo | July 7, 2009

city mouse

yesterday nate and i played in the backyard with one of his favorite things.

happy driver by you.

is that a happy boy or is that a happy boy?!  after a while i was just way too hot to stay outside running up and down the driveway.  philly gets so hot in the summer, and although it hasn’t made it to unbearable, we were both really sweaty.  so we went inside and sat on the bed, the bedroom has an a/c and we read and tickled and bounced around.  it was pretty divine.

i decided that when i’m home with the boy, we have the most fun when we do activities.  sometimes i love just playing in the playroom, or in his room, or taking walks around the neighborhood.  but more and more, i’m starting to understand why people have play dates, mommy and me gatherings, stuff like that.  now i’ve become kind of obsessed with making lists of things for us to do together, especially when d is working longish days.  i’m looking for educational stuff, musical stuff, exploring stuff, and just good old-fashioned playing.  it turns out this town has a LOT, and the options are pretty diverse.  i was thinking today, though, i wonder what all the cool, hipster parents do.  cities have lots of options, but most include stuff that can try your patience: corny music, tantrums, teaching to share… it’s definitely good i didn’t become a mom when i was really young, because it seems you have to be able to look like a fool to keep toddlers happy.

this morning we went to center city to go to a story (half) hour at a library.  it was fun, especially because all the kids were little, even some babies.  so he wasn’t the only one easily distracted, grabbing toys, listening for a while, crawling around, staring at other kids.  there were a group of bigger toddlers up front (they were 4 or 5 i’d say), who were listening intently as the guy read the stories.  they were fun books and he was a good read-alouder without being condescending (i hate when people are condescending to kids!).  the rest of the kids were more interested in each other, i’d say there were 20-25 children all together.  once nate settled in and had had his fill of the stories, he got up and insisted on walking around the room.

then we had brunch with a friend and visited d in her new office.  it is all hers!  and very pretty, comfortable, quiet.  i have a babysitter this afternoon, so i am at the coffee shop for a change.  i do love it here.


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