Posted by: mommytoo | July 22, 2009

two days

yesterday was rainy in these parts, so nate and i went to everyone’s favorite museum for kids.  it really is a great place, but unless you’re a member, i wouldn’t recommend going all that often.  it’s $15 for adults and children over 12 months.  the membership is pretty affordable, especially if you want to go often and have a few kids.  but there is so much great free stuff for kids, as i am learning.

one of the things i like about the museum is the diversity you see there.  there’s racial diversity, language diversity, nationality diversity (you’ll easily hear a few different languages and/or foreign accents).  there are hetero parents, gay parents, babysitters, grown-up friends with their kids of various ages.  kids in the fanciest strollers you can imagine, kids in slings, kids being lugged around by their big brothers or sisters.  i think it’s actually a reflection of the diversity of philadelphia, and i like that so much.  people are having fun, and they’re friendly.

the big draw, of course, is the activities.  we went yesterday morning because it was raining, and there is a toddler storytime every weekday at 10AM.  because it’s for little ones, the books were age-appropriate for nate, and kids come and go.  nate sat for two stories, then he was off like a bullet.  i guess the only real problem is that there is so much to do and see, it’s hard for toddlers to focus on a book.

once nate was done with storytime, we contined through the museum.  one thing i really like about spending time there is that there are designated, fenced-in areas for kids under three years old.  nate was actually more into the stuff that was for the older kids, including a play construction site, hospital, bus stop with bus, and of course cars.

now that's a distracted driver by you.

the only problem is that nate doesn’t walk.  or rather, he walks only if he’s holding hands with a grown-up.  the new advancement is that he can do it holding just one hand — but he doesn’t believe it, so it’s hard to get him to do it.  he’s actually gotten really good at it, but his own insecurities are holding him back!  so anyway, he wanted to do what the walking kids were doing, but they wanted to run around, and he was kind of underfoot.  kids are remarkably sweet, though, they looked so impatient when he was going up the stairs or whatever, and they had to wait.

so that was yesterday.  this morning we were both home, so we brought nate to another great playspot, for another storytime.  the best part was that the woman reading the stories is not an employee — she works at c!t!bank down the block, and her kids are teenagers, so she misses spending time with little ones.  i think that’s so sweet!  after a couple of stories, we just played for a while.  it’s really just a huge room, filled with one fantastic toy after another.  they’re all wooden, and there are some really great ones.  nate is always drawn to the ones with wheels, but today he was on the go, trying something for a while and then moving on to something else.  and really independent!  he would crawl pretty far from us (always at a really fast pace) and then look back and give us the grin.

morning activities are perfect, they make nap time easier, and they make me feel good when i lay in bed at night, thinking about what nate did that day.


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