Posted by: mommytoo | July 25, 2009

a few of my favorite things

it seems like we go weeks without having an entire day when neither d nor i is working.  i’m not sure why — i know it’s normal on the weekdays, and i only work every third weekend!  but it just seems like things happen.  for example, next weekend d is going out of town on saturday to teach a one-day class, and then i’m working on sunday.  and then we have to wait until the following saturday.  so we are relishing these two whole days together as a family!

this afternoon we went to a local swimming pool.  it will not be part of nate’s list, because it’s actually a private apartment complex — d’s friend lends us his pass when he goes away.  it’s nothing fancy, but we can’t get enough time in the water.  there’s a little kiddie pool, but mr. independent had fun in the big pool.  he seemed to forget that he can’t swim, he kept trying to wriggle out of our arms.  his favorite thing is when one of us goes under the water.  as soon as we come up, he laughs hysterically and pushes our heads back down.

at the pool we met up with nate’s nanny, her fiance, and his daugther, who is six.  it was fun being with an older kid, she’s really sweet and loves nate.  what is it about kids and swimming?  it definitely brings out the kids in me and d, we both consider ourselves to be part fish, with fathers who loved the beach and mothers who didn’t.  it seems like we can’t go to the ocean without reminiscing about our summers in long island (her) and rhode island (me).  watching nate doing these summer activities, i can’t help imagining what he’ll share with people in 30 years, about his early swimming days.

after the pool the three of us went for an early dinner, at a family friendly chain with plenty of ice cream for dessert.  so.  nate, d, a sunny afternoon at the pool, and ice cream.  can’t complain.


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