Posted by: mommytoo | August 1, 2009

round and round

today i went to a friend’s baby shower, at the beautiful l0ngw00d gardens.  d couldn’t go – she was teaching a one-day class in another part of the state – but nate and i had fun.  it was about an hour’s drive, and nate was a champ.  on the way there, he chatted happily to himself.  he ate himself a good lunch (plus a delicious cookie) and it was only after being there for 2 hours that he started melting down.  we took a few tours of the room, he grabbed the soon-to-be-father’s hand in an effort to get him to tour the room with him, then we read his favorite book for a while.  eventually, i had to give in to the fact that it was 2:30, which is the time he usually wakes up from his nap!  he fell asleep as soon as i put him the car, and stayed that way until we got home.

being at the shower, for the first time i really missed the pre-baby excitement.  it’s such a wonderful time, especially after the scary early weeks are over.  i might be remembering it more fondly than d, who had to live with the nausea and the constant need to pee.  but it felt like the calm before the storm, the time for us to put our little house together, so that nate could take it apart!  i’m sure i don’t need to say this, but clearly the kid part is even better than the pre-kid part.  but will admit here and now that i did feel a little envious of the whole experience.  kind of ironic, since this particular friend had a tough time keeping a pregnancy, and was surely envious of how easily it came to us.


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